Healthy Homes Consult


Carolyn Bernstein will spend one hour with you doing an overhaul of your cleaning supplies and personal care products. Together we will dig into your bathroom drawer or sink cabinet identifying products that you may want to swap out to reduce environmental exposures to harmful chemicals. You will have help learning to scan labels for the worst offenders, and discover tools to find safer options and creating a healthier home!


Nurse Navigation + Advocacy


If you have been diagnosed with a serious and or life threatening disease and want to empower yourself and be an proactive in your return to health this is for you.  Carolyn will help you identify ways to direct your recovery to the best possible outcome. She can attend visits with you and strategize about what questions to ask. Together you can we devise a plan to restore balance and to advocate with your care team to meet your needs.


Integrative Breast Health


In this session we will identify any risk factors that may predispose you to breast cancer or breast disease. We will use this time to tap into the many ways you can prevent breast cancer and make a list of everyday lifestyle shifts you can make help you reach new dimensions of health.